Top Ten Tips to Help You Become a Poker Pro

It is not very easy to become good at poker. Poker is an intelligent game and needs good amount of dedication and a lot of calculation and use of technique to win and is not just luck that counts as well as being aware of the latest poker news. You need to inculcate certain techniques to improve the chances of your winning at poker. Some of these tips will work for other casino games like roulette online. Have you tried 888poker already?

Here are top ten tips that you can look into and try to incorporate in your game to help you improve your chances of winning at poker.

10. Make Conversation – This is important not to allow your opponent to guess what is happening with you. Do not allow your opponents to get you easily or to take decisions in their favor.

9. First Check and then Raise – This might sound absurd but when you have a good hand, it is first best to check and then allow others to raise and then you re-raise them to have them guessing.

8. If your position is good, try to get them to raise rather than to continue the game with a small blind.

7. Be the boss – Try and use your skills to be the person in charge rather than being tossed all around. If you bring in this leverage, you establish a position for yourself that creates an illusion that it is difficult to beat you. This will do good to your game.

6. Tilt is not good – Have good control over your patience. There is no point in losing it. You will just end up making hasty decisions that you will regret later.

5. Calculate Percentages and Odds – Check the hand you have been dealt and weigh it against other hands and see how the odds are weighed in your favor or against to help you either to progress or to fold the hand.

4. The Basics – There are 52 cards in the poker deck, 13 cards in every suit (spades, clubs, hearts and diamonds), and each suit has the same rank.

3. Be Observant – Observe signs of your opponents to learn when they are bluffing. Use your observations to catch them and notch yourself up to an advantage when you have a good hand.

2. Learn to Bluff – Bluffing is a technique that every good poker player has to inculcate and master in order to keep the others guessing. If the other players are not able to catch your bluff, use it when appropriate to help you win.

1. Play Offensive – In poker, you need to learn not to be defensive all the time. You need to play offensive when possible and alternate to keep the others guessing and not be able to catch your bluff.