Playing on the River to Get a Full Equity on a Value Bet

Primarily, the river is where the limit Hold'em poker is mostly beaten and yet this remains a concept which is hardly ever discussed or known. More than on any other street is the river and this is where the players would give up on more value and it is here that the players’ hands are defined. In most cases, the river is one of the only two places where one can make the most of a high value bet since you would be either winning or loosing, there never is another way.

Learn how to make right decisions

The decisions which a player needs to take on a flop or a turn are usually based on a whim. When the opponent has a straight draw and the pot has ten bets, it doesn’t make much of a difference whether the opponent would call or not on the bet. Except for on a river your hand would still be quite vulnerable at this stage. On the turn if you place a value bet of 4-1, you would be getting 80% of your bet. The river is where the largest risks should be taken since it is only here that the equity is a 100% of the bet amount. Player also has to be aware of the latest poker news.

As an example consider that you have a QJo and a flop two clubs of J72. There are five players who saw the flop. One of the players from early position would could on the bet you place. At this point there are 3.5 big bets in the pot. You continue to bet and the opponent continues to call and the trey of clubs comes on the river. In this situation it is always better to keep raising the bet and not check, even if the opponent keeps checking on your bets.

In another case if the king of clubs replaces the trey of clubs then there are a few things that need to be considered. You should consider whether your opponent like to check and raise the bet or not. Another thing to think of is whether before the river card you put your opponent on the draw for flush and the reaction of the opponents when the card on the river was revealed. If the opponent is likely to check-raise on a bad hand rather then call then the best thing to do would be to check.

Learn your opponents

It is always advisable to keep an eye of the reaction of your opponent to a river card. In most cases the reaction would only be there for a fraction of a second and a lot of decisions can be made easy if you spot it.

Any good opponent would raise the bet himself rather than check-raise, so if the opponent does not raise the bet himself it is likely that he does not have a good hand. When considering whether or not to try getting value with your hand, the best strategy is to check and let the opponent take the stab.

On the river when you come across the scare card the best thing to do is to put a bet since it is likely to scare your opponents as well. The only situations where you shouldn’t be betting on a scare card is when you are in position since the chances of getting check-raised are high or if you had read your opponent for that particular hand. Again when you are out of position not betting is the best option since the chances of the opponent bluffing with a bad hand is high. Other than these situations it is best to put a bet on the value card. If you feel all this is too complicated for you, you can try to play easier casino games like roulette online.

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