Poker Tells and Bluffing

Given that poker is a gambling game, players will have to employ some skills and strategies if they are going to have the chance of being better than the other players. The ability to effectively bluff as well as read tells is one of the best poker strategies a player can employ.


  • This skill must not be overused as it may end up costing a player more game chips than he/she would have won.  
  • Bluffing is even more important in a no limit game where the entire stack of a player is at risk. In a limit poker game the poker players can tell how much they are going to lose so a bluff should be referred to more often and this will make it not so effective. This means that bluffing should be avoided in limit poker games and especially if it is a low stake limit game where opponents will only be risking as low as $1 to call or raise after your bluff.
  • Bluffing is also less effective when there are 3 and more poker players in the game and this is because even though as much as two players may fold at least one may raise.
  • If you get caught bluffing in poker you have to avoid bluffing twice during the same game. Chances are high that the other players will call you again so it is wiser to fake a bluffing strategy after being caught in each game and then you can reveal your awesome poker hand.
  • Semi bluffing is where players will bluff while still holding a drawing hand. This skill can be a success in two situations. When you are being called still you will be able have outs that will give you chance to end the round with the winning poker hand. On the other hand when you choose to bet on semi-bluffing then you may also win the whole pot by forcing another poker player to fold his or her better hand.
  • Slow playing whereby you deceive the other players that you have a very weak poker hand when instead you have a strong one is also another bluffing strategy.

Poker Tells Reading

This skill is much easier when playing face to face with other players as compared to playing online. This is because it is impossible to see the opponent’s body language or eyes or even tell when they are bluffing through the internet. That’s why you should try Williamhill online poker if you want to exclude bluffing from equation.

  • Speed of play is one way you can tell your opponents tells online. Given that each online poker game has the maximum possible response time, players who tend to bet fast are usually weak and those who delay a bit are usually very strong. If you have any good chance of seeing their cards during the showdown it is very important to determine their slow bets and their fast bets.
  • Using auto play check boxes is also a good way telling in online poker. If a player chooses the “raise any” option, they have to have a strong hand while if they use the check box every time then you should assume they have a weak hand.
  • Online chatting can also be a tell skill and this can be determined when a chatty player goes silent as this may mean that they are preparing to play their monster cards. You also need to keep in mind that the player may also be bluffing.
  • Waiting for the big blind should be able to tell you how patient your opponent is.
  • Going over the top is also a god telling strategy.
  • Another online poker telling strategy is spotting fish where you will be able to know the new or bad poker players from the pros or good poker players. When a player folds instead of checking you need to know that this must be a rookie. Here you will have to concentrate on each players folding percentage.