Ray Zee or Ray Zampieri, Famous Poker Book Author and Gambler

The author of "Hi-Lo Split Poker for Advanced Players and Seven Card Stud for Advanced Players."

Ray Zampieri is a very impulsive poker player. He is also a very interesting book writer. His professional poker life is not really impressive, as he participated only in 14th Annual World Series of Poker in 1983 and that year he took the second place in No Limit Hold'em. And of course he walked away with $20,000, which is actually his total winning at the international arena.

He already wrote several books that are quite popular. His gambling spirit started growing at school, where he started playing and later, after he graduated the university, he continued his career in Nevada. Guess why? He started looking for the best games for himself. Those included blackjack, horse racing, sports betting, poker and slot games.

He became a world traveler, as he went to places all over the world and played his favorite games and especially poker. He is also considered one of the best poker players who play different poker games equally well. He is also one of the very players who participated in the World Series of Poker at the Binion's Horseshoe Hotel.

High-Low-Split Poker for Advanced Players

It is supposed to be the first book on the split pot games, which assisted in promoting this game. He is one of the most sought members of Two Plus Two Publishing, as his experience and skills talk for him.