When to NOT Tip Your Dealer

One of the important casino etiquette guidelines is to tip dealers.Unless you’re dealing with an online live dealer, you need to set aside some money to thank your dealer for a job well done. However, it’s not always your duty to tip your dealer. In fact, there are numerous situations when this casino official will not be getting a single penny from your pocket. If you want to know the right time to not tip a dealer, here are some of the top scenarios.

If Your Dealer Does a Poor Job

Unprofessionalism is unbearable in the world of casinos and is hardly ever forgiven. So, if you find your game progressing way too slowly, your dealer is stubborn enough to repeattheir mistakes,or if your game is far from flowing smoothly, you will be wasting your money on tipping such a dealer.

Another case is when a dealer is unable to handle your game properly. Due to their lack of expertise, they may end up mixing some cards and costing you a pot that you deserved. Again, you know what you are supposed to do with such a dealer.

If Your Dealer Has an Attitude Issue

True, a dealer has to work hard, but it’s not your fault, which means that you don’t have to bear with their sour attitude. If your dealer starts showing off a hot temper or replying sharply, deprive them from their tip to teach them a lesson.

If Your Dealer Turns into a Critic

Dealers who suddenly become experts and critically analyze your gameplaycan be quite irritating, especially if you had just lost a big sum of money. The best way to curb this habit of theirs is by refusing to give them a tip.

If Your Dealer Presses You to Take a Decision

Forcing a gambler into making a decision is considered unacceptable behavior. After all, a dealer is present on the table as the game’s facilitator and nothing more. It is rare to see dealers pressing players for taking decision, but this scenario does happen from time to time. If you had the unfortunate experience of meeting such a stubborn dealer,don’t pay them a dime, even out of courtesy.

If Your Dealer Doesn’t Thank You

If your dealer never says “Thank you” when you tipthem, pocket that money. Being grateful is not the issue here,but being unappreciative and lacking manners are good reasons not to tip your dealer.

If You’re Not Much of a Tipper

This may be funny, but it’s aviable reason to avoid tips. If you are a person who doesn’t like to tip, then nothing can make you spare few bucks. So, don’t feel guilty; you can’t always fight your nature.

If You’d Rather Spend on Charity

There are a number of people who don’t believe in tips because they think that dealers can earn money on their own whereas millions of needy individuals may not have access to money. Therefore, if you’d rather pay to charity, you can wriggle your way out of paying tips. However, do keep in mind that some dealers depend on the tips they get, especially with times hitting minimum wage workers so hard.

Tips are customary in the United States, and 3% of your winnings is acceptable for casino dealers. However, you don’t have to stick to this rule if you win a five or six-figured amount or else your tip will be worth thousands of dollars. What you should do is maintain a balance whilerewarding your dealer for excellent service. Aside from that, remember when not to tip your dealer to ensure yourself and others of a great gambling experience.