The Way to Play Roulette

The chips of the Roulette tables are quite different from the common casino games. There are some especial chips that are used in the Roulette tables for the betterment of the dealer. Each player is given a specific color to play. For this, the dealer can easily identify all the players of the Roulette table.

Roulette is totally different from the blackjack that is known as the game of rapid fire action. As the pace of the Roulette is a bit slower it’s branded as a social game. In the blackjack, the values of the chips are clearly noted. On the other hand, the dealer decides the values of the chips in the Roulette. In Rolette, the chips are distinguished by the colors not by the numbers. A ‘lammer’ will be placed by the dealer on the upper part of a stack. This lammer denotes the worth of the whole stack of the chips. For example, if a stack of ten blue chips along with an inscription of $50 on it indicates the total value of the stack. That means the worth of each chip is about $5.

So now you are prepared to play the Roulette with your assigned chips. But the fact is that, how you place your bet in the table. There are millions of places for you to set your bet in the table. Generally there are two kinds of bets that are inside and outside bets. Inside bets should be set on the prime grid of the numbers at the inner part of the table. On the other hand, outside bets should be set on the outer part of the table.

While you are prepared to bet, you have to pick some chips from your stack and have to set the chips on the table according to your choice.  There is a limit on the bet that is called table minimum. Suppose table minimum is about $10. That means you are permitted to bet maximum $10 on the outside of the table, on the other hand you can set ten $1 bets on the inner part of the table. You can place the bet on the color like as black or red, or you can also bet on the odd or even number. There are unlimited chances for you.

You can set your bets until the dealer announce to close the bets. You can set your bets on the table even as the ball is spinning up. You should not bet while the ball stops spinning and comes to rest.

When the ball stops spinning and comes to stand still, the winner will be paid off by the dealer and the chips of the losers will be taken away.

As Roulette is a social game and very easy to play, it becomes so popular to the people. If you want to have some fun in life, just check it out!