Balance Your Play

Playing lots of starting hands in poker is generally a sign that you are going into the middle too often. Of course, there is no recommendation on the exact percentage; ultimately, it all depends on the cards you receive and the types of players around you on the table.

However, some players choose to play most starting hands because they want to remain active. They are not disciplined enough to sit back and watch the action without being involved.

This is fine if you only play for a bit of fun or as a distraction from traditional online betting markets. However, if you are interested in improving, and gaining as much success as possible, you do need to be aware of how often you are playing your starting hands.

If your cards are not great before you hit the flop, you are relying on a lot of luck to improve. The chances are you will not be in first place after the three additional cards. Therefore, unless you deceive your opponents into believing you are sitting strong, you may find betting difficult.

Although it may only seem like you are losing the cost of the blind, over a period of time, this will become substantial and it will hit your bankroll, if you are not receiving anything in return.

You will also find that if you are going into the middle regularly, the rest of the players at the table will pick up on this. Your pattern of play will be obvious. By mixing things up during the session, you will make it harder for them to get a read on your game. The less your rivals know about your game, the better.